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Therapy Basics

For the Shoulder and Arm

Remember these basics...

Your therapy will be directed by Dr. Smith. Getting a good result from surgery has a lot to do with the therapy that comes after surgery. Only perform the exercises and movements directed to you by Dr. Smith or by your therapist. How hard YOU work at therapy after surgery is as important as what the surgeon did during surgery. Inferior results usually occur in patients who do not work at their therapy. Excellent results are seen in well motivated and dedicated patients who work hard and follow their therapy orders. Do not rely only on scheduled therapy appointments to rehabilitate your shoulder. Remember, the therapist is your coach and you must practice on your own. You can not spend too much time on therapy!

What to Expect

Progress will be SLOW. A bad injury or major surgery will make your shoulder and arm stiff. It usually takes about 6 months to really loosen up scar tissue. After a bad injury or major surgery your shoulder will never be exactly as it was before. The goal however, is to get it as close to normal function as possible.